About CPPEx Global

CPPEx Global (Global Center for Printing & Packaging Excellence) strives for excellence because a training & consultancy provider is only as good as the training and consultancy services it offers. CPPEx Global endeavors to be known as a leader in technical training and consultancy services and an institution of excellence in vocational education throughout USA operating with regional offices in Europe, South America, Middle East, and South Asia.Managed by a core team of professional trainers and experts in the fields of printing, paper and film, colors, graphic designing, food safety and lean manufacturing have enabled over 5,000 ink room technicians, press operators, printing Manager, designers, sales executives, process engineers, print quality technicians, ink chemist, paints, paper and film manufacturers, who want the best understanding and assurance of high quality products with minimum resources in the competitive market.We proudly bear the name of the preeminent from the institute's inception and today our experts provides the professional training and consultancy services to the well reputed global’s clients of the full range of professional and technical services in printing, colors, and packaging industries. 
CPPEx Global helps to global‘s clients to enhance their productivity and business performance by reducing lead time, process and defective waste, manufacturing cost, press downtime, process and product validation, color matching time via training & consultancy services and provide the innovative solutions.