Choosing direction can be a difficult challenge, and finding opportunity may require a knowledgeable guide. Our experts around the globe help you evaluate operational performance, so you can stay on track in business. For last 5 years, CPPEx Global is helping colors, food, chemicals, printing, paper & packaging and related companies and suppliers alike improve their quality, reduce costs, reduce waste and machine downtime, product/ process validation and solve problems in effective ways in addition to lean manufacturing. CPPEx Global consultants include knowledgeable, certified in their respective fields, highly regarded professionals with industrial experience and impressive personal accomplishments, including direct involvement in many disciplines essential to running a successful and profitable printing and packaging company. Our consultants help printing & packaging companies evaluate their performance and improve in such areas as strategic planning, sales, lean manufacturing, prepress & pressroom operations, color management, plant layout and SOPs, workflow automation, hazardous chemicals handling, product/ process validation, environment, health and safety.

  • Process Optimisation:
    CPPEx Global can help your production process in many ways. We can help by connecting you to subject matter experts who can work with you on your process, and identify and test alternative equipment which could potentially enhance your production techniques and Identify and define colors & print related issues and requirements. Recommend courses of action for process improvements, implementing controls, and establishing effective standards for lean manufacturing..

  • Business Innovation:
    CPPEx Global has a group of business mentors who can advise on designing the right business model for your project. Often entrepreneurs and project managers don't see the business operation from an overall perspective so having better by design consultant can often help make things more efficient and effective. Analyze assessment findings, comparing them to industry benchmarks, best practices and SOPs and manufacturer specifications

  • New Product Development:
    CPPEx Global is perfectly set up We also offeto undertake new product development and proof of concept work for you. Its multipurpose lab scale facility coupled with the wide range of expert colors and packaging scientists in the area. Utilize troubleshooting methodology to discover root causes to print related technical and operational problems. 

  • Business Development:
    CPPEx Global has connections to business mentors and advisors who can help you devise the right business plan for the right product and for the right market. Customize improvements and solutions to integrate into current processes and improve your company’s overall efficiency, business performance and profitability.

  • Market Analysis:
    CPPEx Global can undertake market analysis and feasibility studies to evaluate a new product idea or identify new market opportunities for existing product offerings and assess and confirm current situation by analyzing metrics, personal observations, and examining process performance. This includes market research, innovation analysis, competitive advantage analysis, path to market and supply/value chain analysis for on-site consulting.