FlexoPlate Quality Management

Course Overview:

Learn how to "un-complicate” the flexo digital plate process from prepress to final plate production to print production at customer end. While achieving optimal results from your digital investment, and taking advantage of state-of-the-art flexo screening, imaging and plating technology. Working with industry leaders, you will learn to recognize the pitfalls, avoid common mistakes and develop procedures to achieve consistent and repeatable results on every plate during every press run. This one day training addresses various topics through hands-on activities accompanied with presentations and discussion and at the end participants will leave the class with a strong understanding of the fundamentals of flexo plate quality management and is able to troubleshoot a variety of plate related issues upon return to their respective facility.

Training Benefits:

  • Understanding the basics and chemical composition of flexo photopolymer plate.
  • Better understanding of important variables (Relief depth, imaging quality, exposure conditions, polymer saturations, drying, mounting and plate handling) and impacts on print during production run..
  • Understanding the important steps involve in the preparation of best quality flexographic plates.
  • Understanding the photopolymer plate critical issues (swelling, shrinking or cracking, premature wearing, shorten the run length etc with possible causes and effective solutions.
  • Better understanding of external factors (exposure, washout, insufficient drying, lighting, ink, pH, humidity, weathering, impression and substrate) impacts on photopolymer plate quality.
  • Understanding the best practices for photopolymer plates handling and storage to maintain consistency in plate quality.
  • Understanding the importance of anilox rollers, its characteristics and specifications related to flexo plate for flexographic printing.
  • Understanding the basics basic patterns used in anilox laser engraving.
  • Understanding of flexo doctor blades, types, effect of doctor blades angle and printing problems due doctor blade with possible causes and solutions and impacts on flexo plate performance.
  • Understanding of flexo plate, composition, developing, mounting and chemicals used for its processing, instruments used for plate measurement and control, UGRA & KKS’s scale.

Who Should Attend?

  • Those new to the prepress and flexographic printing industry
  • Printers/ slitters Operators and Helpers
  • Quality Control Technicians.
  • Plant Management and Supervisors.
  • Prepress and Graphic Designers.
  • Sales and Customer Service Representatives.
  • Ink room technicians / Ink matchers.
  • Packaging Technologists.

Training Outcomes:

  • Effective flexo photopolymer plate quality management, better planning and inventory management of plate for refurbishment
  • Increasing brand owner satisfaction and loyalty resulted to increase printer competitiveness and profitability
  • Elimination of plate/ anilox that would require unnecessary ink adjustment and enhance cost saving.
  • Proper use of correct anilox as well as right type and angles of doctor blade to maintain print quality.
  • Reduction of ink and substrate waste through reduced ink matching and press set up time.
  • Increasing job profitability in addition to press performance and productivity.
  • Protection to the plate/ anilox/doctor blades from external environmental factors that affect the quality.
  • Standardization of anilox/plate and doctor blades quality variables and press parameters for consistent printing.