Food Safety Management Systems

Course Overview:

A safe food supply of adequate quality is essential for sustaining humanity and quality of human life. The food supply must not endanger consumer health through physical, biological, and chemical contaminants and it must be presented in the markets honestly. Controls for food safety and quality ensure that the desirable characteristics of food are retained throughout the production, handling, processing, packaging, distribution, and packaging materials. This two day training course emphasizes clear communication of food safety concepts, hazards, preventive measures, food packaging materials, international standards, auditing, effective use of corrective action, and follow-up to ensure toward successful attainment of company business and food safety objectives and also help to focus on design, sanitation, operation, and monitoring of food handling in addition to manufacturing areas to reduce the risk of contamination of foods from pathogens. This training addresses various topics accompanied with presentations and discussion with latest scientific and technical information to effectively control pathogens in the plant environment as per international food standards and regulations..

Training Benefits:

  • Understanding of;
  • Basics of food safety, preventive controls and overview of a food safety plan.
  • Good Manufacturing Practices, prerequisite programs and its impacts on food processing.
  • Biological food safety hazards chemical, physical and economically motivated hazards.
  • Preliminary steps in developing a food safety plan resources for preparing food safety plans.
  • Hazard analysis and preventive control determination.
  • Process preventive controls, allergen preventive controls, sanitation preventive controls and supplier preventive controls.
  • Verification and validation procedures record-keeping procedures recall plan
  • FDA, WHO, ISO and CAC international regulations requirements for food and food packaging industries.

Who Should Attend:

  • Those new to the food packaging industry or those needing a refresher on food safety related concepts.
  • Quality Control Technicians
  • Plant Management and Supervisors
  • Sales and Customer Service Representatives
  • Personnel involving food manufacturing.
  • Packaging Technologists.