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Excellence in Offset Printing

Offset printing offers exceptional quality, efficiency and versatility with more affordable and environmentally friendly, high demands of products such as cards, stationery, leaflets, brochures, books, magazines, and product packaging but with today’s changing market conditions and demands, retaining customers and achieving overall success is more difficult than ever. The standardization of offset printing press and its variables, ink room, papers, prepress as well as enhancing the operator skills gap is important that will not only secure the business opportunities in competitive market but also interfaces a decisive factor in winning orders in future. This two days training session addresses various topics offset machine setting, printing conditions, standardizing parameters & variables, ink system, fountain solution, paper, print quality variables, environmental impact and more suitable for anyone involved in the offset printing industry including operation, quality, sales, customer service, administration, marketing, etc. through hands-on activities accompanied with presentations and discussion and at the end participants will leave the class with a strong understanding of advance concepts of offset printing and be able to troubleshoot a variety of offset related issues upon return to their respective facility.

  • Offset printing background, principle, basic steps, components, configuration and overview heat web & waterless offset printing.
  • Blanket cylinder, impression cylinder, ductor roller, Oscillator or Vibrators, Intermediate rollers, dampening system, and ink roller setting and process parameters that effects on accurate print production.
  • Print attributes such as density, print sharpness, gray balance, dot gain, dot loss, print contrast, ink trapping, pH, humidity, viscosity, temperature involve in the printing process.
  • Configuration of Offset Machine, variables, ink, paper, fountain solution, plate, speed, ink- water balance, temperature, printing pressure.
  • Offset plate, CTP plates, its composition, surface roughness, capillary action, surface tension ink accepting, developing, mounting and chemicals used for its processing, instruments used for plate measurement and control, UGRA & KKS’s scale.
  • Offset substrate & nature of substrate, optical, absorption and chemical properties, paper thickness, porosity PPS, roughness, opacity, stiffness, acidity, moisture contents, pH etc. that affect offset printing quality.
  • Opacity, brightness and gloss mottling, back trap and water repellence mottling, and factors affecting and techniques how to reduce mottling during print-run on machine? 
  • Offset ink composition, nature of inks, formulation, fountain solution, effective color matching with best practices of ink room management.
  • Offset printing environmental impacts, possible pollutants & treatment, occupational hazards and compliance to OSHA, ISO 12647 standards. 


  • Plant Management
  • Print Supervisor | Manager
  • QHSE supervisor | Manager
  • Quality Control Technicians
  • Ink and chemicals suppliers
  • Prepress and Graphic Designers
  • Ink room technicians / Ink matchers
  • Printing & Packaging Technologists. 
  • Sales and Customer Service Representatives
  • Printers/laminators/ slitters Operators and Helpers
  • Those new to the prepress, graphics and offset printing  industry 


  • Understand offset printing process, critical parameters and variables, machine components and its accurate configuration.
  • Ensure product quality and product versatility through machine and process efficiency by reducing machine make ready time.
  • Standardize the ink system, press roller system, fountain solution, and prepress workflow, offset materials and print attributes.
  • Increase process reliability, repeatability due to systematic quality control and improve productivity throughout the entire added value chain.
  • Identify the print related defects in offset printing, their causes and troubleshoot online during the production run on machine. 
  • Implement his skills to reduce customer print related complaints, internal non-conformance, materials waste, defects as well as downtime for efficient productivity to increase job profitability.
  • Proficient in color management, process control, troubleshooting and implementing corrective action procedures to bring systems into control for repeatable, predictable results.
  • Apply his approach with more confidence, pride, knowledge, as team result into consistency, repeatability, profitability, success with customer confidence. 
  • Implement the SOPs, checklists, machine centerlines and compliance to OSHA and ISO standards in offset printing industry.
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