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Product Development


An integral part of a business growth strategy involves the creation of innovative products and services to achieve competitive market advantages and better address customer needs.  New products can make a profound contribution to competitiveness and this is particularly acute in an era of accelerating technological change, general shortening of the product life cycle, and increasingly intense competition. New product development is a challenging, complex undertaking that involves critical interdependent activities and considerations, including, but not limited to:  marketing, research, development, risk assessment, cost analysis, quality, regulatory compliance, launch preparation, commercialization, cross-functional collaboration, corporate strategy, portfolio management and resource allocation. CPPEx Global addresses product development complexities by applying professional project management to your initiatives.  We create the innovation framework that will enable you to translate your ideas into new products and services and get them to printing & packaging market faster, better, and cheaper. Product development is a multistage process that includes ideation, concept/prototype development, consumer testing, shelf life testing, labeling, production scale up and launch. We are highly experienced in all stages of product development and have worked for largest group of food, printing and packaging industries worldwide. We are able to manage whole projects or work on specific problems or stages of your project. We work with organization to transform new product development capabilities for improved development effectiveness, reduction in time to market and increased R&D productivity.  Our approach includes assessing, benchmarking, designing, piloting and implementing key elements in the areas of governance and decision making, process structure, and project excellence.

CPPEx Global team assist the companies by;

  • Developing new cost effective and innovative, market competitive product.
  • Existing product evaluation, re-structuring and reformulation after market analysis.
  • Shelf life extension on the basis of evaluation in lieu of international regulations and standards.
  • Product and process optimising.
  • Product formulations to meet specific food safety international regulations and standards.
  • Participation from idea generation, screening, evaluation, development to launching of the product.
  • Reformulation new product after depth analysis of cost, time, market size, positioning and market competition.

If you have any question, please CONTACT the CPPEx Global Head office, or send email to info@cppexglobal.org 


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