Empowering your staff through training, consultancy and development is a powerful way to improve your business. Investing in training is simply a wise choice. The decisions made by competent staff don't just secure a profitable operation today – they also lay the groundwork for a brighter tomorrow. Specializing in colors, designing, printing, packaging and lean manufacturing, CPPEx Global has long been recognized as one of the foremost providers of technical training and consultancy services on a complete range for colors, food, printing and packaging industries to worldwide. Our faculty is recognized subject matter experts who bring to your company effective solutions for color management, print quality management, waste management, machine downtime management equipment efficiency, sampling rate, cost of quality and quality risk, planning and scheduling accuracy, working capital, lead time and asset utilization, ​​​​operator productivity and OEE and improve performance and reliability in your operations with high degree of profitability. "CPPEx Global also organises national conferences, training workshops, consultancy services and technical seminars with strong support of the printing & packaging Associations and Industries. These technical events provide excellent opportunities for networking as well as for informed discussion on current topics of interest to colors, printing, packaging technologists and professionals of associated industries.

Upcoming Events
  • World market print media, publishing & converting, Dusseldorf, Germany.
    • 23.Jan - 03.Jul, 2020
  • Drupa, Messe Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf Trade Fairgrounds, Düsseldorf, Germany.
    • 16.Jun - 26.Jun, 2020
  • The Int'l Forestry, Pulp, Paper and Converting Exhibition and Conference.
    • 13.Nov - 18.Nov, 2018
  • International Exhibition for All Printing Technology & Equipment, Shanghai, China.
    • 24.Oct - 28.Oct, 2018
Cylinders Quality Management

In today’s environment, cylinder engraving processes should be simpler not more ...
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Effective Colors Management

Grow your market share by meeting changing customer demand for higher and ...
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Effective Lean Manufacturing

Grow your market share by meeting changing customer demand for higher and...
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Effective Techniques for Sales

In today’s competitive sales market environment, it’s not just about customers’ ...
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Excellence in Flexographic Printing

This training is designed as an introduction to flexography, suitable for anyone involved...
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Excellence in Offset Printing

This training is designed as an introduction to offset printing, suitable for anyone involved...
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Excellence in Gravure Printing

This training is designed as an introduction to rotogravure, suitable for anyone involved...
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FlexoPlate Quality Management

Learn how to “un-complicate” the flexo digital plate process from prepress to final plate ...
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Food Safety Management Systems

A safe food supply of adequate quality is essential for sustaining humanity...
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Fundamentals of Graphic Designing

This training is geared for individuals in the prepress and printing industry desiring...
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Hazardous Chemicals Management

The safe transportation, handling and storage of hazardous chemicals are ...
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UHT Processing and Aseptic Packaging

Thermal processing and aseptic packaging is the utmost important for dairy production, ...
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Print Quality Management

Accuracy and consistency of print is vital to retain a strong, global brand for printers ...
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Product/Process Validation

The objective of the course is to provide the course audience with tools about validation...
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Professional Coaching & Group Facilitation

Professional coaching and group facilitation helping groups to better,more...
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Paper Quality Management

No matter what you're printing or how great your design is, if you have a bad print job...
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