UHT Processing and Aseptic Packaging

Course Overview:

This training course has been developed for those involved with the development, verification, maintenance and operation of UHT processing and aseptic packaging of low-acid and acid foods and beverages. It is suitable for those involved in UHT processing and/or aseptic packaging but do not require the advanced level of training required to determine, validate or verify heat treatments (F values). The syllabus of this training presents the theoretical basis underpinning thermal processing technologies for the manufacture of acid and low-acid UHT processed foods and provides practical training in the operation of UHT heat treatment plants and aseptic filling systems. This applies to the manufacture of sterilised low-acid shelf stable products (aseptic), pasteurised acid shelf stable products, pasteurised products with a nominated refrigerated shelf-life and can be tailored to suit particular manufacturing operations and filling systems. Participants in this two day course will gain knowledge on the operational and regulatory procedures, critical parameters, microbiology of UHT operations used for pasteurization, canning, sterilization, with an emphasis on milk and also focuses on the components of the HTST system in addition to vat pasteurization and UHT processing.

Training Benefits:

  • Better understanding of;
  • Definition, History and critical parameters, principles of UHT/ aseptic processing.
  • High resistant spore, possibility of contamination, source and technical solution
  • Milk, juices composition and microbiology to set the stage for the conditions needed for pasteurization and cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Microbiology of UHT operations
  • Components of the HTST pasteurization, canning system, including instrument control systems, auxiliary equipment such as homogenizers and separators, and flow control technologies. Vat pasteurization and UHT processing.
  • Thermal processing concepts, heat resistance and determination of target F values
  • Processing plant equipment and the influence of product flow characteristics on exposure time.
  • Thermal processing calculations - Filling operations - Packaging and performance evaluation - Cleaning, sanitisation and sterilization
  • The Preventive Controls for Human Foods – Dairy Foods Processing.
  • Validation and verification of UHT and aseptic packaging systems.

Who Should Attend:

  • UHT plant operators & supervisors.
  • Customer service representative
  • Sales & Marketing executives
  • Quality Technicians
  • Dairy & Food industry personnel
  • UHT-plant maintenance technicians
  • Warehouse and regulatory staffs

Training Outcomes:

  • Able to develop action plans to increasing performance and minimizing HRS risk.
  • Better skills for in process inspection, post contamination, detection of HRS and sterility calculation.
  • Plant Management and Supervisors
  • Resolution of problems and prevention of microbiological contamination of food.
  • Personnel involving food manufacturing.
  • Easy to validate and verify the UHT and aseptic packaging system