Effective Colors Management

Course Overview:

Grow your market share by meeting changing customer demand for higher and higher quality products and competitiveness in the market and as printers and suppliers must be prepared to meet these demands. An effective color management is an integral part of your printing and packaging industry that not only enhances the customer satisfaction but also assures the high quality product, good profitability for an organization with minimum resources. This two day training is designed as an introduction to effective color management in the printing & packaging industries, suitable for anyone involved in the paints, colors and printing industry including sales, customer service, customer complaints owner, product development, administration and marketing, etc... This training provides hands-on activities and a structured learning environment to explore advanced concepts for cost effective color management and graphic workflow. This training addresses various topics through hands-on activities "in solving production, printing inks handling, cost effective ink formulation, color management, pressroom management and strategic issues accompanied with presentations and discussion.

Training Benefits:

  • Better understanding about colors/ printing inks, composition, chemistry and quality control of inks by process team.
  • Better color consistency, high quality product and reduction of customer’s complaints for color variation.
  • Better understanding of color’s characteristics and UV/ Visible spectrum
  • Understanding the Impact of temperature, viscosity, humidity, solvency, pH, solids contents on ink / colors quality and performance.
  • Better hand on expertise for online troubleshooting to ink related problems during process run.
  • Effective colors management, cost saving, ink inventory control and returned inks management in the ink room.
  • Reduction of machine downtime, rework and materials waste for shade / color matching.
  • Better colour consistency during production run and better customer satisfaction that Increase productivity for improved profitability.
  • Understanding of impact of different illuminants for colors management during production run.
  • Better hand on expertise application & calibration of colorimeter & spectrodensitometer in the printing industry.
  • Better understanding of colors systems (RGB, CMYK, HSB, CIE LAB, and CIE LCH in UV-Visible spectrum.
  • Better hand on expertise understanding of colors and print SOPs requirements as per ISO and ASTM standards.

Who Should Attend?

  • Those new to the prepress and gravure printing industry.
  • Printers/laminators/ slitters Operators and Helpers
  • Quality Control Technicians.
  • Plant Management and Supervisors.
  • Prepress and Graphic Designers.
  • Sales and Customer Service Representatives.
  • Ink room technicians / Ink matchers

Training Outcomes:

  • Effective colors management, cost saving and controlled inventory in printing industry.
  • Minimize machine downtime and waste for shade/ color matching in innovative ways.
  • Better color consistency during production run and better customer satification.
  • Better understanding about colors by process team and reduction of customer’s complaints
  • Creating, integrating, and communicating advanced brand and spot color standards.
  • Effective implementation of SOPs and standards as per ISO and ASTM requirement in the printing industry.