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CPPEx Global encourage you to use the online application system to apply all certifications. A printed version of the application is available on a case by case basis and for more details or in case of any question contact our any corporate office or any regional office. Please ensure the following points before submission your application for CPPEx Global certification program.

  • Before you begin, check to make sure you meet the certification eligibility requirements and can record the necessary information on the application.
  • Once you start an online application, you will have to complete all your information and cannot cancel it.
  • Ensure that the application includes your valid, unique email address and phone number as these will be the primary mode of communication from CPPEx Global throughout the certification process.
  • You will be required to read and agree to the CPPEx Global code of ethics and professional conduct and the certification application/ renewal agreement.
  • Incomplete application for certifications will not be processed or returned. CPPEx Global strives to process applications for certification in a timely manner.

The application timeline depends on how you submit your application- either online using the certification system or on paper sent by postal mail to CPPEx Global.


The proper fees for payment are determined by your personal or employer membership status as well as your geographical location. Use the following chart to determine the CPPEx Global certification fee.

Certification Exams Member Status Fees Certification Exams Member Status Fees
Certified Press Operator – CPO Member $500 Certified Press Operator – CPMO Non-Memeber $1000
Certified Print Supervisor – CPS Member $500 Certified Print Supervisor – CPS Non-Memeber $1000
Certified Design & Prepress Supervisor- CDPS Member $500 Certified Design & Prepress Supervisor- CDPS Non-Memeber $1000
Certified color Management Technician – CCMT Member $500 Certified color Management Technician – CCMT Non-Memeber $1000

The membership rate will apply only if you or your organization is a corporate or associate member of CPPEx Global at the time you submit payment for the certification. If you apply for membership right before you apply for the certification, make sure you receive confirmation of your membership before you pay for the certification. If your membership has not been completely processed before you pay for the certification, you will be charged the non-member fees. The membership is obtained after you submit payment for the certification, CPPEx Global will not refund the difference back to the applicant. Once application review process will complete, CPPEx Global team will inform the applicant by phone or email about his/her application final status. In case of approval, the next step is to submit the certification payment through online system. The payment $500 or below will be acceptable online system, while higher than this amount, payment will be direct transfer to our any regional office or corporate’s office.


To obtain a refund for the professional certification, you must make a request to CPPEx Global at least 30 days before the training session. After 30 days, paid fees will not be aligned to refund, but the applicant can use this fee within a year for any certification or our training session.


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