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Education, validation and recognition - just a few characteristics of a quality professional certification that distinguish individuals who have demonstrated particular knowledge or skills required for a specific role or profession. CPPEx Global’s professional certifications provide the following benefits to the printing and packaging professionals.

  • Help to advance and ensure qualifications and serve as indicators of diligence, perseverance and competence in certified professionals.
  • Provide a way for individuals to identify and recognize the skills, knowledge and competence levels that they need to master in the printing and packaging field.
  • Our Certification programs add value both early in a profession and later in a professional’s career to the individual working in the industrial sector.
  • Professional certification also functions as a “career escalator” for mid-career professionals.
  • Our certification program develop people, helping them to maintain required knowledge, skills, competencies and abilities throughout his job career.
  • Certification programs differentiate people with different levels of professional proficiency or specialty in the printing and packaging field.
  • Certification programs recognize people, acknowledging or rewarding those who consistently perform to a standard.
  • Our certification programs promote responsible conduct through the establishment of ethics and disciplinary codes, continuing education requirements, and assessments of core competencies.
  • Our professional programs regularly update certification examinations and requirements to reflect current knowledge, evolving skills and help to drive innovation and professional proficiency in the printing and packaging field.
  • Professional certification gives individuals confidence, motivation that they can be successful working for themselves.
  • Our certifications create entry-level access to skilled jobs that do not typically have degree or stringent prior experience requirements, with employers seeking certified candidates and willing to pay a premium for the demonstration of competency that certification provides.
  • Certified professionals also tend to experience greater job satisfaction—a perhaps unsurprising finding given the related evidence that certified professionals exhibit improved job performance.
  • Thus, for the certified professional, the credential provides credibility, recognition, job satisfaction, and often increased earning power and/or enhanced prospects for employment.
  • The certification testifies to the fact that this operator has the qualifications, skill, knowledge, abilities, expertise, experience, training, and education to officially and with authorization practice his/her chosen profession.


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