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Do you think you are the best machine operator associated with printing and packaging industries? How effectively you play role to reduce operational losses in the printing and packaging? Can you demonstrate how you can reduce machine downtime, job approval, materials waste and product defects? CPPEx Global encourage all the machine operators within the printing and packaging field to nominate themselves and colleagues for this prestigious recognition. We presents “Best Machine Operator Awards” to the skilled and competent operator in the printing, packaging and associated industries every year. This award is presented to operators in recognition of their performance in their respective fields and also to encourage healthy competition to enhance productivity and operational excellence because matching of jobs and skills is the most important issue for employers and individuals. The selection of awardees is made by a committee of experts. The “Best Machine Operator Award” honors the most successful machine operator who are working in the printing and packaging industries. The machine operator is chosen based on the individual’s machine understanding ability, process aptitude, how operator embrace to innovative technologies and how the individual perform his job and play key role to improve productivity, reduce losses and enhance the operational excellence in extraordinary way. Skills recognition helps an individual to find a job or gain more responsibility at the workplace in the short-term, will it also help him or her enjoy long-term benefits, such as career progress and substantial wage gains. This award helps to reduce the skills shortage, improve productivity, efficiency, safety, staff motivation, identify training needs and promote the staff skills in order to increase the competitiveness and profitability of the company. The list of the award winner published annually in the end of the each year as well as our quarterly newsletter and CPPEx Global reserves the right to change the criteria, parameters for consideration and all other relevant provision for selection of Award from time to time. AWARD CERMONY AND PUBLICITY This “Best Machine Operator Award” is targeted to be awarded during a formal ceremony at the end of the each year. A press release or newsletter will be prepared for each Award. CPPEx Global reserves the right to change the date and location of the award ceremony, as circumstances require. GENERAL CONDITIONS By participating in the “Best Machine Operator Award” each applicant fully and unconditionally agrees to and accepts these official rules and the decisions participating in the award.

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