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All complaints regarding training session, professional certifications or “Best operator awards” are governed by the CPPEx Global complaints process that must be received within 30 days of the event/ incident cited, made in filling our online complaint form or writing via email at complaint@cppexglobal.org. All complaints should include evidence supporting the reason for the complaint and nature of the request, including all reasons why the action or decision should be changed. A complaint must include;

  • Name and email address of the complainant
  • Date, event name and location of the training session.
  • Name against whom the complaint is made, if applicable
  • Reference to the CPPEx Global training session, certifications that was violated as per policy.
  • A description of how the policy or procedure of training session or certifications was violated.
  • Any applicable evidence that support the complaint.

We will acknowledge, in writing, your complaint within 5 days of receipt. If a complaint is missing any necessary information, you will be informed and allowed an additional 15 days to supply the missing information. If the required information is not submitted within that time, the request shall be closed.

The review and validation of the complaint will occur in a constructive, impartial and timely manner. You will be notified of the outcome within 10 business days of the decision being made. A record of the complaint, including any subsequent action(s) taken, and decision made will be maintained by CPPEx Global. All information pertaining to the complaint will remain confidential.

You have the right to escalate your complaint within 10 calendar days of the notification of the decision rendered. The escalation request should be submitted in writing and can be sent via email or mail to our concerning regional representative or our main office. A decision around the escalation will be communicated to you within 10 days of CPPEx Global’s receipt of the escalation request, unless circumstances warrant a delay and if delay is expected, you will be notified.


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