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An effective color management is an integral part of printing and packaging industry that not only enhances the customer satisfaction but also assures the good profitability for an organization. The ability of a print provider to match image color and quality across multiple devices or substrates, and to hit brand identity colors consistently will help them gain and retain the most profitable business. Correct print color reproduction to remain consistent throughout a run or job to job, it is primarily dependent on ink formulation, ink film thickness, registration, ink viscosity, resin-pigment ratio, ink trapping, color perception and color equipment performance. This two days training session is designed as an advance level of color management suitable for anyone involved in the colors, printing and packaging industry including operations, quality, sales, customer service, administration, marketing, etc. This training provides hands-on activities accompanied with case studies, presentations and discussion and a structured learning environment to explore advanced concepts in color management, ink formulation, printing inks handling and at the end participants will leave the class with a strong understanding and advance levels skills of effective color management and be able to troubleshoot a variety of color related issues upon return to their respective facility.


  • Printing inks, history, nature, composition, types, and components including pigments & dyes, resins, additives and solvents.
  • Steps involve in printing inks preparation, control of critical parameters & variables as well as quality control of printing inks.
  • Printing inks formulations for rotogravure, lithographic, UV, flexographic process based on solvency and printed materials.
  • Ink quality testing procedures of solid contents, viscosity, and viscosity vs. temperature, ink density, pH, gloss, adhesion, heat resistance, tinting strength, light fastness, reduction factors, ink filtration and ink mileage.
  • In-plant management, lab equipment & quality tests, lab equipment and press correlation, and ink lab equipment calibration.
  • Printing inks MSDS, safety precautions, firefighting measures, transportation, handling, inventory, and storage.
  • Science of color theories, pigment, light theory, wave frequency, wavelength & color perception and UV/ Visible spectrum.
  • Young Helmholtz theory & Albert H. Mansell's scale, color perception by human eye & colorblindness and factors influence the color perception.
  • Light effects opaque, translucent, transparent, luminosity, scattering, indirect light /color and science of color perception.
  • Additives and subtractive colors, primary, secondary and tertiary colors, color blindness factors, causes and effects and tests.
  • Duotone, halftone, achromatic, analogues, complimentary, monochromatic, polychromatic, triadic, tetradic and color temperature.
  • Color lightness, HSV, HSL, CIE color system, Illuminants A, B, C, D, E, and F, L*C*H, X*Y*Z, L*a*b color models and metamerism.


  • Plant Management
  • Print Supervisor | Manager
  • QHSE supervisor | Manager
  • NPD supervisor | Manager
  • Quality Control Technicians
  • Ink and chemicals suppliers
  • Prepress and Graphic Designers
  • Ink room technicians / Ink matchers
  • Printing & Packaging Technologists.
  • Sales and Customer Service Representatives  
  • Printers/laminators/ slitters Operators & Helpers
  • Those new to the prepress, graphics and printing industry


  • Understand colors/ printing inks, composition and their chemistry and quality control of printing inks by process team.
  • Understand impacts of temperature, heat, viscosity, humidity, and solvency, pH on printing ink quality and performance.
  • Able to determine the solid contents, light fastness, reduction factors, pH, tinting strength, heat resistance and ink mileage.
  • Able to manage and control the cost, inventory, press returned inks, ink room and reduce customer complaints for color variation.
  • Able to apply his skills to formulate correct color matching, equipment calibration resulted into reduce machine downtime and materials waste.
  • Able to apply of colourimeter & spectrodensitometer in the printing industry for the color accuracy measurement of print.
  • Apply and select the perfect CIE color system, illuminates and devices to produce accurate and consistent color during production run.
  • Standardize the ink formulation, implement the SOPs, safety measures, checklists, and ISO and ASTM standards in the printing industry.
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