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Thermal processing and aseptic packaging is the utmost important for dairy production, consumer safety and operational efficiency. A dairy plant with calibrated, validated, verified and controlled equipment for thermal processing and aseptic packaging reveals long self-life, good flavor, high retention of nutrients in addition to ensuring high quality dairy processing with accurate process control that optimize the dairy products processing quality in order to boost the profitability as well as sustainability in the competitive market with global standards. This two days training session addresses various topics on UHT processing, pasteurization, canning, sterilization, equipment validation, verification and calibration, operational and regulatory procedures, critical parameters, microbiology of UHT operations, reaction kinetics, homogenation, enzymology, cleaning, inspection, sanitization, F,B & C value, LTLT, HTST, HHST and more suitable for those involved with development, verification, maintenance and operation of UHT processing and aseptic packaging through hands-on activities accompanied with case studies, presentations and discussion and at the end participants will leave the class with a strong understanding of advance concepts of UHT processing and aseptic packaging and be able to troubleshoot a variety of UHT processing related issues upon return to their respective facility.


  • UHT processing concept, historical background, theory & chemistry, thermal processing principles, critical parameters & variables and UHT processing conditions.
  • Heat stability, TDT, sediment formation and fouling, thermo resistant spore, thermisation, possibility of contamination, source and technical solution.
  • Dairy products composition and microbiology to set the stage for the conditions needed for pasteurization and cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Microbiology of UHT operations, microbial analysis and microbiological approaches to determine F, B and C values during processing also including D & Z values and reaction kinetics.
  • Blanching, pasteurization concepts, pasteurization principles, critical variables and parameters, LTLT, HTST, HHST and pasteurization.
  • Filling operations, canning system, sanitization, sterilization and in container sterilization, TTI and ISI, heat transfer and methods including aseptic homogenation.
  • Low and high acid dairy products, source of contamination of raw materials, pasteurized and milk, UHT flavoured milk, creams, soya milk, juices UHT processing.
  • Thermal processing and aseptic packaging systems calibration, verification, validation, cleaning, inspection, sanitization and storage.
  • Aseptic packaging materials, composition, sterilization, barrier properties, critical variables and global standards & regulations.


  • UHT Plant management
  • NPD supervisor | Manager 
  • UHT & Food technologists
  • QHSE supervisor | Manager
  • UHT QA & QC Technicians
  • Research & Development Executive
  • Dairy product retailers and distributors.
  • Dairy products sales executive and Manager
  • UHT processing plant maintenance technicians
  • UHT & aseptic processing equipment operators and supervisors.
  • Dairy students, product analyst, researchers and food safety officers.


  • Enhance understanding of UHT processing concepts, food chemistry, microbiology, enzymology and physical processes taking place when dairy based products are heated and stored.
  • Able to determine the F0, B*, C*, D and Z values during product thermal processing in order to maintain product quality, production safety and plant efficiency.
  • Able to resolve problems and prevention of microbiological contamination of food and to develop actions plans to increasing performance and minimizing HRS risk.
  • Ensure product quality and food safety by reducing UHT equipment downtime, maintenance and product storage cost.  Exposure to latest development in nutritional dairy product formulation, lower plant running costs, improve performance and higher sustainability.
  • Able to demonstrate, select aseptic packaging materials, its composition, defects causes and solution in order to optimize thermal processing plant performance, reliability and global legislative compliance.
  • Able to perform the tasks of UHT equipment calibration, verification, cleaning, inspection, validation for keeping UHT processing plant at optimum efficiency.
  • Implement the SOPs, checklists, machine centerlines, food safety and dairy global standards in UHT processing industry.
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