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Pre-press process plays key role from image selection to file supply- whether that’s for print or digital distribution and printers are always looking to maximize their printing capabilities in flexographic, offset and gravure printing. Poor image selection and mistakes at pre-press can be very expensive in case of any minor mistake from creation of a print layout to final printing and files press ready covering all the common issues that cause delays, cost time and produce unsatisfactory results. This two days based training session addresses various topics on overview of prepress workflow, prepress capabilities, color trapping, color management, image editing, cropping, retouching, correction, file exporting, proofing, common mistakes with pre-press checklists suitable for individual in the prepress, printing industries through hands-on activities accompanied with case studies, presentations and discussion and at the end participants will leave the class with a strong understanding of advance concepts of pre-press & packaging design management and be able to troubleshoot a variety of design related issues upon return to their respective facility.


  • Overview of the pre-press workflow, file formats, relationship between layout, drawing and image editing applications, pixels vs vectors, font substitution, font management software.
  • Actual ppi vs effective ppi, Scanning artwork, determining the right resolution, screen angles, fixing moire patterns, working with bleeds, slug, setting crop marks, spreads and imposing pages.
  • Spot colour artwork, tints, mixed inks, trapping, duotones, spot varnish, compression techniques, Clipping paths and transparency.
  • Image editing, cropping an image, changing image size, tonal correction, image retouching, colour correction, image sharpening, when to convert to CMYK and using a non-destructive workflow.
  • Colour in print, Colour management, Colour profiles, colour settings, and colour managed workflow, Munsell’s scale, CMYK & RGB colors and L*A*B, L*C*H color system.
  • Preparing print-ready PDFs, exporting from InDesign, using acrobat distiller, using PDF export presets, preflighting and packaging and Fixing broken links.
  • Over view of the different types of Proof available, Digital proofs, Wet proofs, Plotter proofs, Soft proofs, their pros and cons.
  • High end image retouching and manipulation, colour trapping, file correction, file composition, and file output, pagination and imposition, file conversion.
  • Releasing files, hard copy, color mark-up, hard copy, ink drawdown, artwork, Instructions, Disk Directory, Label Your Disks.
  • Prepress checklist, file release checklist, information for the printer, print specifications checklists, ISO 16760:2014, ISO 15311-2: 2018 and ISO 12647.


  • Plant Management
  • Print Supervisor | Manager
  • Prepress| Post press Manager
  • Prepress operators | Technicians
  • Prepress and Graphic Designers
  • Print Quality Control Technicians
  • Ink chemists & chemicals suppliers
  • Ink room technicians / Ink matchers
  • Printing & Packaging Technologists.
  • Sales and Customer Service Representatives
  • Printers/laminators/ slitters Operators and Helpers
  • Those new to the prepress, graphic and printing industry


  • Understanding the essentials and workflow of prepress, press and post press in the printing & graphic industry.
  • Reduce the number of reworks, visual inconsistency and waste caused by the ineffective management of the prepress area.
  • Optimize color separation, image characteristics, color trapping, transparency, overprint, consistent color reproduction and recognize potential pitfalls.
  • Control of the appearance of brand assets reproduced with different printers and substrates to achieve optimum printing results.
  • Reduce and cut packaging design and prepress, hardware and specialized software cost and expenses dramatically.
  • Able to increase customer satisfaction, retention, new customer and loyalty resulted to job profitability and press productivity.
  • Standardize of ink formulations, prepress parameters & variables, substrate and prepress equipment calibration & validation.
  • Demonstrate effective leadership skills to lead prepress team, solve prepress problems, evaluate prepress conditions to achieve optimal printing results.
  • Implement the SOPs, checklists, machine centerlines, ISO and OSHA standards in prepress, graphics and of printing industry.
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