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Membership Benefits


CPPEx Global organises national conferences, training courses, consultancy services and technical seminars with strong support of the international printing & packaging associations and associated industries throughout the year. These meetings provide excellent opportunities for networking as well as for informed discussion on current topics of interest to printing, packaging technologists and color professionals, and the industry as a whole. Guests are welcome at most functions, but the full benefits of the CPPEx Global are best achieved through membership. CPPEx Global Members are eligible for concessional cost savings for all meetings and functions, first preference to attend site visits and will also receive complimentary print & packaging related books, blogs, magazines and other publications.

CPPEx Global Members have access to a range of exclusive benefits given bellow:

  • Professionalism: CPPEx Global membership is seen as a plus by a prospective employer. Your association with our brand sends the message you are serious about your profession and you are willing to improve your professional skills.
  • Education: We typically run professional development events such as workshops, webinars, training, conferences and publish periodically articles, books and magazines, all of which are designed to raise awareness of important printing and packaging related issues facing by professionals.
  • Perks: We offer a substantial discount to our member’s / member organizations for annual conferences, exhibitions, workshops, trainings and also provide an opportunity to lien with global industrial leaders that helps you to brainstorm new ideas and innovations in your professional field.  
  • Networking: Our membership provides networking opportunities with printing and packaging professionals and global experts.  
  • Recognition: CPPEx Global recognize the superior contribution of printing, packaging and associated industrial professionals and present award in recognition of their outstanding contribution for this industry.

Note: Membership application decision is based on the report review submitted to CPPEX Global Management by the qualified and experienced expert’s team. 


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